South African Wine & Cellar Classifications 2016 – Top Wine SA

THE SA Wine & Cellar Classifications point to the current ‘who’s who’ of the South African winelands – all of the top wines and cellars over the past 10 years, including the very best in each class. Ten years’ tasting results, the best track records, involving the TOP TASTING PANELS, local and international – a pooling of expert opinions about South African wines as reviewed around the globe. For the 2016 SA Wine Classifications, SEE HERE. For the 2016 SA Cellar Classifications, SEE HERE.

The Classifications – updated annually since 2004 – are based on the top ratings and awards in the world’s most widely recognised forums for quality wine assessment. This involves judges who conduct their assessments in a ‘blind tasting’ environment, i.e. with the names of the wines and their producers withheld so as not to influence the scoring either positively or negatively in terms of brand strength, place of origin or price tag.

Top Wine SA Classification logo - 2016, tweakedEligibility requires at least three vintages of a wine to earn a good review by one of the top tasting panels during the period under review. Depending on the number of highly-rated vintages, the number of good reviews as well as just how good the ratings are, the very best track records are highlighted in showcasing South Africa’s most highly fancied wines and cellars.