Wine auction results point to savvy buyers who knew their stuff – generally speaking

CWG Auction 2015 004 hr (bottle & label stylised) (smaller, cropped)

South Africa’s CWG Auction is open to the general public. The Nederburg Auction is open to licensees only, or by special invitation

LOOKING BACK on what went down at the 2015 Nederburg Auction of rare South African wine in September and the Cape Winemakers Guild Auction of special bottlings in October, as was to be expected, clearly bidders were primarily interested in the classified wines and cellars  on offer – those with good track records. Also in demand were wines that have been properly matured – cellared under ideal storage conditions for 10, 20, 30 years or longer, many from an age when their brand appeal was greater than it is for more recent vintages.

Jaubert Tradauw - 55f9befc68480b5fb732e05b (cropped)

R42 500 per 275ml

What can be frustrating about auctions is that the exact nature of the wine isn’t always obvious, and sometimes the identity of the end-purchaser is not disclosed – buyers can be bidding on behalf of somebody else and purchasers can choose to be anonymous. The top price fetched at this year’s Nederburg Auction was R42 500 for a single 275ml bottle of Jaubert Muscat d’Alexandrie from Joubert-Tradauw outside Barrydale in the Klein Karoo – a wine that, according to Nederburg, was made in 1800, but which could be older, or a lot younger, depending on how you choose to look at it… Going by the auction catalogue, the wine is dated 1800, but there isn’t a vintage on the label. The Jouberts have an old French oak barrel of wine first filled in 1800, or thereabouts, from which the proprietors tap off a few litres every year before topping up solera-style with new wine and spirit. Presumably somebody was very impressed by the (sighted) rating of 99/100 by the USA’s Neal Martin of Robert Parker/The Wine Advocate, whose tasting notes for the marvellous nectar were quoted in the catalogue.

Herewith the highlights of the two sales, with average prices given rather than highs and lows, all prices per bottle, and all bottles 750ml in size unless stated otherwise:


Ataraxia Under The Gavel Chardonnay 2014 – R1018 pb avg
AA Badenhorst Family Wines Graniet-Berg 2013 (White Blend) – R957 pb avg
AA Badenhorst Family Wines ‘Geel-Kapel’ Muscat de Frontignan 2013 – R853 pb avg
Mullineux Trifecta Chenin Blanc 2013 – R833 pb avg
Jordan Chardonnay Auction Selection 2014 – R772 pb avg
Mullineux ‘The Gris’ Semillon 2014 – R732 pb avg
Bouchard Finlayson Auction Reserve Estate Chardonnay 2012 – R707 pb avg


De Wetshof “The Site Chardonnay” 2006 – R700 pb avg
Jordan Chardonnay Barrel Fermented 2010 – R629 pb  avg
Ken Forrester The FMC 2009 (Chenin) – R627 pb avg
DeMorgenzon Reserve Chardonnay 2013 – R575 pb avg
Stellenrust 47 Barrel Fermented Chenin Blanc 2011 – R566 pb avg
De Wetshof Bateleur 2009 (Chardonnay) – R558 pb avg
DeMorgenzon Reserve Chenin Blanc 2013 – R541 pb avg
Jordan Chardonnay Barrel Fermented 2007 – R516 pb avg
Raats Family Old Vine Chenin Blanc 2006 – R517 pb avg
Raats Family Old Vine Chenin Blanc 2012 – R511 pb avg


Kanonkop CWG Paul Sauer 2012 (Bordeaux-Style Blend) – R1689 pb avg
Boekenhoutskloof Syrah Auction Reserve 2013 – R1525 pb avg
Beyerskloof Traildust Pinotage 2013 – R1508 pb avg
Hartenberg CWG Auction Shiraz 2013 – R1459 pb avg
Rust en Vrede CWG Estate 2012 (Blend) – R1447 pb avg
Etienne le Riche Cabernet Sauvignon Auction Reserve 2011 – R1294 pb avg
Saronsberg Die Erf Shiraz 2013 – R1146 pb avg
Kanonkop CWG Pinotage 2013 – R1057 pb avg
The Drift Farm ‘Die Kans Vate’ Single Vineyard Barbera 2013 – R991 pb avg
Cederberg CWG Teen Die Hoog Shiraz 2013 – R983 pb avg
Paul Cluver Auction Selection Pinot Noir 2013 – R971 pb avg
Jordan Sophia 2012 (Bordeaux-Style Blend) – R954 pb avg
Rijk’s CWG Pinotage 2012 – R933 pb avg
Tokara Tribute 2011 (Cabernet Sauvignon) – R920 pb avg
Luddite ‘The Monster’ Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 – R911 pb avg
De Trafford Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 (1.5 litre) – R866 / 750ml avg (R1733 per magnum)


Kanonkop Paul Sauer 2005 (Bordeaux-Style Blend) – R1750 pb avg
Hartenberg The Stork Shiraz 2007 – R1458 pb avg
Rupert & Rothschild Baron Edmond 2010 (Bordeaux-Style Blend) – R858 pb avg
Grangehurst Grangehurst 2005 (Bordeaux-Style Blend) – R820 / 750ml avg (R1640 per 1.5 litre)
Raats Family Cabernet Franc 2009 – R800 pb avg
Le Riche Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2007 – R783 pb avg
Anura Pinotage Reserve 2008 – R750 pb avg
Rudera Platinum Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 – R750 pb avg
Haskell IV 2007 (Bordeaux-Style Blend) – R724 pb avg
Rhebokskloof Black Marble Hill Reserve Syrah 2010 – R700 pb avg
Warwick Cabernet Franc 2009 – R700 pb avg
Kleine Zalze Family Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 – R689 pb avg
Mount Sutherland Syrah 2010 (Super Single Vyds) – R683 pb avg
Rickety Bridge Shiraz 2009 – R666 pb avg
Eikendal Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 – R633 pb avg
Hoopenburg Integer Syrah 2006 – R611 pb avg
Spier Creative Block 3 2009 (Rhône-Style Blend) – R600 pb avg
Rickety Bridge Paulina’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 – R583 pb avg
Stellenrust JJ Handmade Wines Merlot 2006 – R566 pb avg
Longridge Merlot 2007 – R522 / 750ml avg (R1044 per 1.5 litre)
Remhoogte Merlot Reserve 2007 – R517 pb avg


Lanzerac Pinotage 1965 – R5666 / 750ml avg (R2833 per 375ml)
Lanzerac Pinotage 1968 – R5333 / 750ml avg (R2666 per 375ml)
Zonnebloem Cabernet Sauvignon 1965 (Distell) – R4166 pb avg
Lanzerac Cabernet Sauvignon 1957 – R3250 pb avg
Chateau Libertas 1965 (Blend, Distell) – R3083 pb avg
Allesverloren Cabernet Sauvignon 1975 – R3000 pb avg
Allesverloren Cabernet Sauvignon 1982 – R2333 pb avg
Meerlust Rubicon 1986 (Bordeaux-Style Blend) – R2333 pb avg
Rustenberg Cabernet Sauvignon 1975 – R2000 pb avg
Alto Cabernet Sauvignon 1975 – R1833 pb avg
Meerlust Rubicon 2001 (Bordeaux-Style Blend) – R1625 pb avg
Middelvlei Cabernet Sauvignon 1989 – R1500 pb avg
De Toren ‘Z’ 2004 (Bordeaux-Style Blend) – R1125 pb avg
Rustenberg John X Merriman 2004 (Bordeaux-Style Blend) – R1031 / 750ml avg (R2062 per 1.5 litre)
Allesverloren Cabernet Sauvignon 1986 – R1000 / 750ml avg (R2000 per 1.5 litre)
Webersburg Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 – R750 pb avg
KWV Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz 1992 – R625 pb avg
L’Avenir Pinotage 2002 – R608 pb avg
Plaisir de Merle Cabernet Sauvignon 2001 – R608 pb avg
Allesverloren Shiraz 2004 – R604 / 750ml avg (R1208 per 1.5 litre)
Neethlingshof The Caracal 2004 (Blend) – R583 pb avg
Stellenzicht Merlot Cabernet Franc 1995 – R558 pb avg
Zonnebloem Laureat 2004 (Bordeaux-Style Blend, Distell) – R550 pb avg


Jaubert Muscat d’Alexandrie 1800 (Joubert-Tradauw) – R115 909 / 750ml avg (R42 500 per 275ml)
KWV Limited Release Port 1948 – R3666 pb avg
KWV White Port 1966 – R2250 pb avg
Nederburg Edelkeur 1982 (Noble Late Harvest) – R1916 / 750ml avg (R958 per 375ml)
Axe Hill Cape Vintage Port 2002 – R1343 / 750ml avg (R896 per 500ml)
Nederburg Edelkeur 2005 (Noble Late Harvest) – R1000 / 750ml avg (R500 per 375ml)
Monis Collectors Marsala 1983 (Distell) – R933 pb avg
Masters Vintage Reserve Port 1997 (Axe Hill, Boplaas & De Krans) – R666 pb avg
Nederburg Eminence 2009 (Natural Sweet) – R642 / 750ml avg (R321 per 375ml)
De Krans Cape Vintage Reserve Port 2001 – R633 pb avg
Fleur du Cap Noble Late Harvest 2007 (Bergkelder) – R620 / 750ml avg (R310 per 375ml)
Boplaas Cape Vintage Reserve Vintners Selection Port 2003 – R608 pb avg
Nederburg Edelkeur 2007 (Noble Late Harvest) – R575 / 750ml avg (R287 per 375ml)
Fleur du Cap Noble Late Harvest 1990 (Bergkelder) – R533 pb avg
Nederburg Eminence 2008 (Natural Sweet) – R520 / 750ml avg (R260 per 375ml)
Allesverloren Port 2004 – R500 pb avg
Rudera Noble Late Harvest Chenin Blanc 2007 – R500 / 750ml avg (R250 per 375ml)



  • I have a bottle of Kannonkop Paul Suaer 1979 which I am thinking of putting on auction on 13/08/2016 with Alf Duncan Auctioneers and I was wondering what reserve price I can put on this bottle of wine.

    • Paul Sauer has a great reputation. At the Nederburg Auction in 2015, Kanonkop was fetching over R600 a bottle for the 2005 vintage. At 37 years old, a bottle of the 1979 should go for over R2000 – a retailer in Cape Town was selling the 1986 CWG Auction Reserve Paul Sauer for R1950 pb. It would help if there are some serious wine lovers or collectors among the bidders who might be willing to take a chance… But much depends on the storage conditions: if less than perfect, perhaps you could offer it as a bargain, e.g. at the same price as the current-release 2013 (R490 at the winery), or you could pull the cork with a good friend and hope for the best; whereas if it is properly matured, you could get an opinion from the proprietor or cellarmaster as to how he thinks the wine has developed, given that he might well have tasted or drunk some in recent years – if it’s in good shape, not over the hill, perhaps Kanonkop will offer to buy it or to exchange it for a case of the latest release. Perhaps you know of somebody who was born in 1979, and in a few years’ time it’ll make for a great 40th anniversary tipple. Good luck!

  • David Pickering

    Can you indicate a probable price for Edelkeur 1979 ?

    • A 12-bottle case of Edeikeur 1979 fetched R6 444 at the Nederburg Auction in 2014, i.e. R537 per 375ml bottle – add 30% or so to get an idea of the retail price back then, add another 10 or 20% adjustment for inflation etc since then. And the storage conditions prior to the sale would probably have been near-perfect…