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Some top brands stand out more than others at Cape Wine Auction

INTERESTING it was to see the brands involved and what the charitably minded were keen to buy at the 2018 Cape Wine Auction hosted at Rustenberg and Tokara in Stellenbosch. The prime objective of the two-day event is to support children’s education in needy communities of the South African winelands, and to this end the amount raised came to R17.5 million.

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Winters Drift calls it a day despite growing respect for wines of Elgin

IN WHAT AMOUNTS to a closing-down sale running until the end of March, the prices of everything at the Winters Drift shop next to the Elgin railway station east of Grabouw were slashed by 35% following a decision of the powers that be to cull the brand and to replace the vineyards with orchards – apples and pears. Apparently the wine side

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Baleia and Sijnn among notable newcomers on SA wine radar of late

THE FOLLOWING wines, given in alphabetical order, are among the notable newcomers from South Africa’s winelands so far this decade that notched up another good review in 2015 – no fly-by-nights, no one-hit-wonders, and not the only ones by any means, but particularly interesting for one reason or another. Alvi’s Drift Albertus Viljoen Chenin Blanc. The Worcester champions at Alvi’s Drift have got

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