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Some of South Africa’s top-end wine prices more palatable than others

AS WITH most things, after a certain point no wine is worth the asking price – no matter how good it is. Beyond that, there is another point up to which avid wine enthusiasts and collectors might splash out or invest, mindful of paying a premium but happy to indulge their wonts. Of course, just where these points are on the sliding scale can vary immensely

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Top-priced bottles from South Africa’s Top 100 Cellars – the ultra-premium luxuries

WHAT LEADS TO a wine being positioned as ultra-premium price-wise could be a rarity factor coupled with consumer/collector demand, the investment that’s gone into the maturation/ageing of the product, brand value, perhaps simply the cellar’s wish to offer a statement wine demanding attention even when or precisely because it’s beyond the realm of affordability for many folks. Invariably though –

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Kadette Pinotage offers an experience reminiscent of the Kanonkop flagship – still serious and for considerably less

PRETTY GOOD, yet pretty quiet, somewhat mysterious… It was only a few months back that we heard about the new version of Pinotage from Kanonkop – just that a third Pinotage from the Krige brothers, winemaker Abrie Beeslaar and their team was on the cards, to be released under the second-tier Kadette label, but no fanfare to speak of. And

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