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New contenders for bragging rights among South Africa’s top wines from Pinot Noir include a trio from Cape Agulhas

ASK ABOUT top SA Pinot Noir and the main signposts point to Elgin, Walker Bay, Hemel-en-Aarde… There are exceptions – chief among them Chamonix of Franschhoek – but typically it’s a case of Hamilton Russell, Bouchard Finlayson, Newton Johnson, Sumaridge, Oak Valley, Paul Cluver, Crystallum, Shannon… However, there’s now another cool-climate district putting up its hand, so to speak. The

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Elim… hardly top of mind as regards most things hedonistic but right up there for top South African cool-climate wines

IT CAN BE VERY WET  around Elim in the Cape Agulhas district of the SA winelands. In winter, the rainfall is such that some of the roads may be closed, access is limited and the landscape is characterised by wetlands and wind… It blows in the summer too and, with much of the wind coming in from across the ocean, the

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