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South Africa’s niche wines deserving of attention outside mainstream categories – some better value than others

CHARLES BACK remembers well the first plantings of Viognier on his Fairview farm in Paarl back in the 1990s. Who knew then what would work where when it came to experimenting with grape varieties not widely planted in South Africa, if at all, but new or unusual is very appealing to winemakers looking for a USP, something exciting. And wow has

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South Africa’s top niche wine ratings in 2013 – the best Cabernet Franc, Riesling, Semillon, Viognier and more

RAATS and Warwick continue to impress in South Africa’s Cab Franc class but the competition is mounting. There’s a lot more to the choice of good SA Semillon and interesting Viognier these days. And if there’s one South African brand that has stood out for good reviews in more categories than any other range in 2013, it’s The Mentors from

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Simply great! Colombard is perfect for picnics and patios

COLOMBAR is not considered to be one of the so-called noble grape varieties, but man can it make for a good drink. Few would argue that it could rival fine Chardonnay and Chenin for complexity and class, but it can be a delightful white wine when originating from healthy vineyards and entrusted to a winemaker willing and able to coax

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