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New Zealand and USA get the better of Aus and SA at Six Nations 2017

AT THE 2017 Six Nations Wine Challenge awards banquet in Sydney, New Zealand was the most successful country, winning 6 trophies, 22 double gold medals and 35 golds. The next most successful was the USA (4 trophies, 18 double golds and 20 golds), followed by Australia, South Africa and Canada, with Chile bringing up the rear in a competition judged

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Surprising, convincing victory for Stark-Condé at ‘New World’ Challenge

THE ANNUAL Six Nations Wine Challenge contested by some of the leading ‘New World’ producers of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, Canada and the USA is unlike any other wine competition on the planet. A respected wine authority from each of the six countries involved chooses what he considers to be 100 of the very best products of his country and the the respective

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Pinotage and white blend wave the flag for South Africa at 2013 Six Nations Wine Challenge in Sydney, Australia

PINOTAGE was the most successful variety for South Africa at the 2013 Six Nations Wine Challenge in Sydney, Australia, with three double gold medals presented for Pinotage wines made in various parts of the Cape. Specifically, the Mentors Pinotage 2011 from KWV of Paarl won first prize in the Major Red Variety Class, with double golds also going to the

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