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Top Wine SA seeks consensus among the experts over time and in various forums, showcasing the results of respected panel tastings where the judges aren’t told the names of the wines, their origin or how much they cost. Reviews by individual critics do not have a bearing on the SA Wine and Cellar Classifications – nor do the results of various questionable wine competitions. For information about the SA wine ratings that count, see below. For examples of those that don’t, click here.


Best Value Wines Guide – South Africa

Published by Getaway magazine, Best Value Wines is the culmination of an annual competition for wines on sale in South Africa at below a stipulated price ceiling. The wines are rated according to a 5 Star system and Value Awards are presented in various categories according to wine types and varieties. For more info click here.


Cab Franc Challenge – South Africa

The annual competition exclusively for the Cape’s Cabernet Franc producers culminates with an awards function in March. Of the gold medal winners, the top six are lauded. Silver and bronze medals are also presented, and older wines usually no longer on sale from the producers are judged in a vintage class to gauge development, longevity. Judges include a Cape Wine Master, sommeliers, retailers and wine writers. For more info click here.


Cap Classique Challenge – South AfricaCap Classique Challenge - MCC Gold 2015-01 (smaller)

Sponsored by Amorim Cork, the Cap Classique Challenge takes place in September every year. The competition is organised by the Cap Classique Producers Association and awards are presented for the best bottle-fermented sparkling wines produced in South Africa according to the traditional method made famous in Champagne, France. For more info click here.


Port Challenge - Cappa logo jpgCape Port Challenge – South Africa

The annual Port & Wine Challenge is hosted by the Cape Port Producers’ Association in June, focusing on improving the quality of Cape Ports and recognising top examples of the different styles made in South Africa – namely Cape Ruby, Cape Tawny, Cape Vintage, Cape Late Bottled Vintage (LBV), Cape Pink and Cape White Port. For more info click here.


Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships - 2016 Gold Medal (cropped)Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Champs – UK

The annual Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships in London attract hundreds of entries to what is the largest competition where a panel of specialist judges focus on bubblies from around the globe. Champagnes of France, Cap Classiques from South Africa, Cavas from Spain, Proseccos from Italy and numerous other sparklers compete for gold and silver medals as well as national and international titles. For more info click here.


chardonnay-du-monde-logo250 (globe)Chardonnay du Monde – France

The Forum Oenologie’s Chardonnay du Monde competition is held in March every year. The venue: Château des Ravatys, the wine estate of the Pasteur Institute at Saint Lager in the Burgundy wine region of France. The goal: to pick out the best Chardonnay wines of the world while celebrating the diversity of styles, with the winners awarded gold, silver and bronze medals on the basis of their intrinsic quality and the Top 10 gold medallists showcased. For more info click here.


Chenin Blanc Top 10 Challenge Bottle Sticker 2016Chenin Blanc Top 10 Challenge – South Africa

Organised by South Africa’s Chenin Blanc Association, the Standard Bank Chenin Blanc Top 10 Challenge culminates with an awards function in August every year. An objective of the challenge is to help unlock the potential of South Africa’s most widely planted wine grape variety, and the competition winners receive prize money intended “to reinforce the economic and social benefits in the workplace”. For more info click here.


Mondial - CMB-2009-Concours_Mondial_medaille (cropped)Concours Mondial de Bruxelles – Belgium

One of the largest wine competitions in the world, the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles culminates with a prize-giving in May every year. The International Union of Oènologists who organise the event are based in Belgium, although the judging has been done in numerous countries over the years and more than 40 nationalities are represented on the tasting panels who determine the medal winners: great gold awarded for scores of 92.5 to 100 out of 100, gold for 87 to 92.4/100 and silver for 84 to 86.9/100. Special awards presented for best wines overall. For more.


concours-mondial-sauvignon (cropped)Concours Mondial du Sauvignon – Belgium

Organised by the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles of Belgium and held every year in March at various venues, the competition is geared to promote all wines made from the varietal, including blends made primarily but not exclusively from Sauvignon Blanc. Trophies as well as gold and silver medals awarded. For more info click here.


Decanter Awards - DWWA-2015-GOLDDecanter World Wine Awards – United Kingdom

The annual World Wine Awards are presented by Britain’s Decanter magazine in June. They reflect regional styles, celebrate the diversity of wine and promote value-for-money by highlighting quality in various price bands. Gold medals awarded for ‘outstanding’ (98 to 100/100) or ‘excellent’ (95 to 97/100) quality, silver medals equate to ‘highly recommended’ (90 to 94/100), bronze medals awarded for ‘very good’ quality (86 to 89/100) and ‘commended’ translates as ‘good’ (83 to 85). For more info click here.


Drinks Business Global Pinot Noir Masters Gold Medal 2015 (smaller, cropped)Drinks Business Global Masters – UK

The Drinks Business is Britain’s leading publication for the retail and wholesale drinks trade. The various Global Masters competitions involve tasting panels comprising mainly Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers, culminating in the awarding of Master awards (over 95/100), gold medals (91 to 95/100), silver (86 to 90/100) and bronze medals (81 to 85/100). For more info click here.


Effervescents du Monde – France

An international competition for the best sparkling wines in the world, organised by Forum Oenologie and held in November each year at Le Castel Culinary School in Dijon, France. Gold and silver medals awarded, with the Top 10 gold medal winners showcased. For more info click here.



International Wine & Spirit Competition – UK

The International Wine & Spirit Competition is the longest-running wine competition in Britain with the results announced in tranches that culminate in a final awards banquet in November. The aim is to award excellence in wines and spirits worldwide by means of authoritative tasting panels as well as technical controls and analysis. Trophies as well as gold, silver and bronze medals awarded. For more info click here.


IWCv.5International Wine Challenge – United Kingdom

The biggest wine competition in the world involves over 400 judges including over 40 Masters of Wine as well wine journalists and wine buyers. Medal winners are announced in tranches during the course of the year, with trophy winners announced in May and the top trophies presented at an awards dinner in July. Gold medals awarded for scores of 95 to 100/100, silver medals awarded for 90 to 94/100 and bronze medals awarded for scores of 85 to 89/100. Wines also commended when scored 80 to 84/100. For more info click here.


michelangelo-2016-gf-and-w-platinum-flat-4k-1_0000-jpg-smallerMichelangelo Awards – South Africa

The results of the annual Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards convened by Lorraine Immelman-Steyn of founding company Lorman Communications, are arrived at by a panel of judges from around the world in awarding trophies and medals including platinum, double gold, gold and silver. The prize-giving is held in September each year. For more info click here.


Muscats du Monde Gold Medal 2016 (cropped)Muscats du Monde – France

The Forum Oenologie’s Muscats du Monde competition is held in July every year. The venue: Frontignan-la-Peyrade (Maison Voltaire) in the Languedoc Roussillon region of France. The goal: to reflect the diversity, quality and high standards of the best Muscat wines of the world. Gold and silver medals awarded.
For more info click here.


Muskadel SA Awards – South AfricaMuskadel SA - Platinum Award Bottle Sticker - 08808PLA750GES05-page-001 (cropped)

The Muskadel SA Awards are contested in May every year. Gold medals are presented on the basis of a 20-point scoring system, with platinum awards presented to those gold medallists judged to also have an exceptionally high standard in terms of their labelling and packaging in general. For more info email.


Top 100 SA Wines - Winner logo (smaller)National Wine Challenge – South Africa

The National Wine Challenge, incorporating the Top 100 SA Wines Challenge, culminates in April every year. The judges are predominantly Masters of Wine (UK) and entries are assessed using a 100-point scale: a score of 91+ is required to be eligible for selection among the Top 100, with ‘double gold’ medals awarded for scores of 87 to 90. For more info click here.


Perold Cape Blend 2016 (bottle sticker, small)Perold Cape Blend Competition – South Africa

The South African Pinotage Producers Association’s annual Perold Absa Cape Blend Competition is geared towards establishing benchmarks of international quality in respect of red blends comprising between 30% and 70% Pinotage. The event takes place in September/October each year. For more info click here.


Platter's 5 Stars 2016 - CSfx5r1XAAE096uPlatter’s South African Wine Guide

For a 5 Star rating in the annual Platter’s guide published in November each year, all of the wines scored 4½ and 5 Stars in the primary assessment by individual critics (sighted tastings, labels in sight) are included in a second round of tastings conducted blind (without sight of the label) by small panels including experienced palates over and above the team responsible for most of the ratings in the guide. For more info click here.


Rose Rocks - Wine Sticker Final 2015 (cropped)Rosé Rocks – South Africa

The aim of the Rosé Rocks competition is to recognize excellence in rosé winemaking and to promote the South African Rosé category. All SA Rosé wines are eligible, from dry to sweet, sparkling and still, with the judges choosing the Top 10 still wines, the Top 3 Cap Classique sparkling wines and the overall winners in each of these categories. For more info click here.


Sauvignon Blanc Top 10 2015 bottle sticker - FNB_SB_Wine_Sticker_FINAL(large)_2362_20151014-01[1] (smaller)Sauvignon Blanc Top 10 – South Africa

The FNB Sauvignon Blanc Top 10 competition is presented by the Sauvignon Blanc Interest Group of South Africa (SBIG). The judges comprise professional tasters and winemakers, with the results (including the Top 10 runners-up) announced in September/October each year. For more information click here.


Shiraz SA Challenge – South AfricaShiraz SA Challenge TOP12 jpg (NV)

The organisation representing South African Shiraz producers hosts an annual competition in May/June in which the judges comprise winemakers as well as wine writers/critics and which culminates in the announcement of 20 finalists and 12 winners. For more info click here.


6Nations TrophySix Nations Wine Challenge – Australia

An annual taste-off held in Sydney that focuses on many of the finest wines from Australia, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA. The event involves six judges (one from each country) scoring a line-up of wines nominated by the judges – in the case of South Africa, entry into the competition is at the invitation of leading SA wine critic Michael Fridjhon, one of the founders of this competition. For more info click here.


Sommeliers Selection – South AfricaSommeliers Selection - SS Award Sticker jpg tweaked

Wines judged by a panel comprising members of the South African Sommeliers Association in categories ‘moulded around those of a wine list’. Winelist awards presented and various recommendations made for ‘wine by the glass’. ‘Food appropriateness’ and ‘gastronomical relevance’ also taken into account and the winelist is circulated to restaurants countrywide. For more info click here.


Syrah du Monde, Gold Medal 2015 (smaller)Syrah du Monde – France

The Forum Oenologie’s Syrah du Monde competition is held in May every year at Château d’Ampuis in the village of Ampuis in the northern Rhône Valley, France. The goal: to pick out the best Shiraz/Syrah wines of the world on the basis of their intrinsic quality. Gold, silver and bronze medals awarded. For more info click here.


Absa Top 10 Pinotage 2016 (bottle sticker, smaller)Top 10 Pinotage Competition – South Africa

The South African Pinotage Producers Association’s annual Absa Top 10 Pinotage Competition is geared towards establishing benchmarks of international quality in respect of this uniquely South African variety, with the Top 10 runners-up also commended. The event takes place in August/September each year. For more info click here.


Old-Mutual-Trophy-Wine-Show2Trophy Wine Show – South Africa

The annual Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show is a national competition convened by leading wine critic Michael Fridjhon that recognises South Africa’s top local wines and winemakers. Judging takes place in May at the Grande Roche hotel in Paarl, with the winners of the silver medals, golds and trophies showcased a month later at public and private tastings around the country. For more info click here.


Ultra Value Wine Challenge Logo (smaller)Ultra Value Wine Challenge – South Africa

A competition in search of the best quality wines retailing in South Africa for under R100 a bottle. Double gold, gold and silver medals are awarded on the basis of a 100-point value rating system. Sponsors include and Ultra Liquors. For more info click here.


Veritas Awards medals and white wine glasses - JWWhite3 (cropped)Veritas Awards – South Africa

The South African National Wine Show Association’s major competition culminates with the Veritas Awards in October every year. The aim: to recognise wines of exceptional quality, providing connoisseurs with an authoritative guideline. Double gold, gold, silver and bronze medals awarded, followed by public tastings around the country to showcase the top performers. For more info click here.


winemag bottle sticker 90 points - – South Africa

The various reports and awards on are pitched as category analyses and involve wines assembled on the basis of local and international competition laureates as well as editor Christian Eedes’ own opinion regarding the country’s best wines. The tasting panels score according to a 100-point system. For more info click here.


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