Persian note to bubbly Wine Sanctuary in Stellenbosch

VILLIERA cellarmaster Jeff Grier and sales boss Cathy Grier-Brewer are among the best ambassadors for the Stellenbosch wine route. Cape Wine Masters of many years standing and, together with fellow director and viticulturist Simon Grier, at the helm of a winery with a reputation for good Cap Classique sparklers and several other fine wines, the siblings were as welcoming as ever when ‘the boss’ and I visited their new tasting room. It had been a while since I’d sampled their Riesling and Gewurztraminer, I also wanted an update on their Chenins, and we were curious about the so-called ‘Wine Sanctuary’.

The upmarket Chenin was a tad too wooded for my gal so we bought the unwooded version. The Gewurz was too dry for my taste but I found the Riesling interesting, with the terpenes reined in. Also, including a sparkling wine in the line-up is pretty much mandatory at Villiera… The premium-selection Monro Brut was on form: lovely colour, delicious in its style – leesy and oaked.
And while sipping away we indulged in the ambience of the room, tastefully decorated by somebody influenced by the flashy Champenoise, somebody with a sense of fun, somebody who didn’t have to squeeze into the small leather armchairs as I did…
However something about the visit that seemed a little odd to us was the choice of music: sounded Arabian, I reckoned. Perhaps the tasting staff were punting Shiraz that day, given that some say the variety originated in the Middle East. Whereas the ‘Sanctuary’ is more about France than anywhere else, I felt.
But don’t get me wrong, they were good sounds alright.
To visit Villiera online, click here.