Denzel Washington a big-screen fan of Pinotage

Twice during the movie Safe House which was released onto the cinema circuits mid-February, renowned actor and film producer Denzel Washington is seen to be enjoying a glass of red wine while relaxing with friends – once in a Cape Town club and later in the city’s satellite township of Langa. The exact identity of the wine(s) isn’t revealed, but near the end of the action drama involving the CIA and a former agent gone rogue, Washington lets on that he is partial to the uniquely South African Pinotage – softly spoken but unmistakeable.

Here’s hoping that the distributor of the movie will let us post the relevant clip here sometime soon…


  • Yeah. Wish they’d told us the brand name, but it would probably have cost the producer more than his marketing budget could stretch to…

  • I thought he said it was Pinotage 1972. Wow! A 72? That must be quite a wine to sit down that long and still be good.

    Kit Hill, Ed.D., LMFT